Dallas, Texas

Table of Contents – Volume III

The Ayers Family of Dallas  3
Enoch Noah Bennett and wife, Mary Ann Vanzant, wife Jane Vanzant and wife, Rachel Josephinne Beckner  4
Osborne Love and wife, Jane Fondren  5
The LaFons: From Tennessee to Texas  7
Howard Cox Family, Dallas County, Texas  8
Emet David Florence, Perl (Curtis) Florence  11
David Huffhines (1929-2000)  13
Vivian Marie Womack Warner – From Blossom to Full Bloom  14
The Family of John Byron and Sarah (Thompson) May  15
John Cooper Cook  17
James Lemon Miller, CSA  19
The Manner Family  20
A. W. Perry and Family  21
Mary Buhrer Gracy (1895-1976)  23
Fred and Myrtle Spainhouer  24
G. W. Foster, Sr.  25
Frances (Sims) Daniel  26
Dewitt Clinton Harry Family  27
Patrick Hennry Lively  28
Wesley Cockrell  30
Bernard W. (Bernie) Coffee  32
Calloway Patrick, Founder of Patrick Community  33
Henry W. Houston Family  35
George Dotson  36
Wesley M. Chenault  37
Azariah Moss  39
Biography of John Martin Rawlins, Citizen of Republic of Texas  39
James Calvin Temple – Grace Edha Sitton Temple Family  41
Dr. Daniel Webster Gilbert  42
Dr. Franklin Monroe and Dorothy Gilbert  44
Mary E. Bright Ross  46
Thomas Newell Merritt  47
Peggy Sample Ellis Galloway  48
Adolphus Gouhenant (Gounah) Update (-)  49
John Franklin Dillon and Mattie Brell Boykin  50
The Gibson Family, Doyle George and Ann Gibson Family  52
DAR Marks Grave of Ellender Penny Witt  53
The Family of Sarah and George H. Beeler  54
William Harry Hughes, Sr.  56
William Harry Hughes, Jr.  58
Hart/Randolph Families  60
“Mom Managed for Family Time” by Joanna Thomason  62
Herbert Gilbert Hughes, Sr.  63
Albert George Chenault  65
Eugene Benjamin Germany  67
William C. Story  69
“Hattie’s Trip to Texas” by John Winniford  70
John Mayrant Smith Family  71
Frederic Moss and Ruth E. Smith  73
Nell Katherine Hughes  73
Pearl Edna Hughes  74
William M. C. Hill  75
“Early Memories II” by Robert McCutcheon  76
William Larner  77
Pvt. John Welsey Low, World War I Hero  79
“Sallie” Burch and Cardwell Elmer  80
“The Tale of a Tombstone'” Ellis Charles Thomas and wife, Julia Ann Moon  81
The Strucely Family in Dallas County  83
Calvin and Ina Bell Rylie Low  85
John T. Lively and Bluff View Dairy  87
James H. Morriss  88
“Miss Cleora [Clanton] Bucks City Hall – and Wins”  89
James Walter “Walt” Bayless  91
Margaret Wright Edwards  91
Bonnie Wright Binford Langley  93
Francis Augustus Sayre and wife, Sarah Ann Thomas  94
The Samuell Family in Dallas  96
Robert Campbell Stubbs  97
Early Mooneyham Family in Dallas  99
T. J. McClain  101
Jacob Lutz, Sr. Family  101
The Lynch Family  103
Andrew Jackson and Sarah Ann (Smith) Porter  104
John Preston Potter and wife, Martha Ann Odom  106
Walter Phillip Buhrer  107
Albert and Sophia Cooper  108
“When ‘Big Tex’ Went to Minnesota” (Tex Reynolds)  118
Joseph Harrison Cox Family  120
Ormwell Clark – Family History  121
Emily Beeman, Frontier Mother  122
Harrison Hustead  123
William Leonard Smith and Family  124
How the John Beemans Got Their Land Grant  127
Family of Mary and Ed Spencer  127
Mattie Agatha Pace and Owen Bates Corley – Remembering Grandfather and Grandmother  129
Gennie Taylor and John Noel Harris  131
Nicholas and Nancy Pace, Garland Pioneers  133
” and Counting” (Earl O. Cullum)  134
“Growing Up in the City With Two Horses” (Riek Family)  135
Charles Masters Tucker Family  138
Patrick McDonough  140
Jessie Fitzgerald Tucker  143
Nicolas Farine  145
Christopher Columbus Tucker  146
Charles Sidney Daniel, Sr.  147
Elihu H. Tucker  148
Paul Jones Prewitt and Sarah “Sally” Moss  149
Harriett Harding and John Arstrong Rylie  150
William Sidney Tucker  152
William Newton Stults and Amanda Dealia Stratton  153
John Morris Family of Cedar Hill  154
Texana Christian and Tom Parks  155
The Life of Rosa Willeford Pelton  157
Anthony M. and Frances Brockman Leake  159
Ross Kenneth Bagby, Sr.  161
Harmon R. Raney Family  162
Worthington Family of Irving  163
Memories of Robert Van Adkins  165
The Peterman Brothers  166
My Father, Ralph Donald Bagby  167
The Family of Zula Skillern and John Vest Folsom  169
Clarence Orla and Janet Bright Bagby  170
Alfred Bagby, Bronze Star Recipient  173
Picnicking in the Cemetery  174
Richard B. Corley  175
A Family of Talent and Achievement (Bagby)  176
Wesley Fletcher and Elizabeth (Pearl) Curtis  178
Danny Clifton Carney  179
James A. Forster Family  181
William Ernest and Hessie Wade Reed  182
“From Oilfield to Ambassador” (R. Richard Rubottom)  183
World War II Section: 
“Proud to be Back Home” (George A. Riek)  187
“On the Homefront” by Frances James  188
“Bud’s Best War Souvenir” (J.J. “Bud” O’Connell)  188
Bernard Coffey – Service Record  189
Mildred Coffey’s Story as a Vounteer Red Cross Worker  191
James Walter Tinsley, Jr.  191
The Herman Perry Saga  192
“I Was a Nurse’s Aide During World War II” by Louise Buhrer  194
“My Job Was Building the Airfields” by Ralph Kerr  195
“Memories of World War II” by Dorothy (Clanton) Smith  196
“The Dallas and the Texas in World War II” by Earl O. Cullum  198
“Remembering V-E Day by Jack Warner Mackey  198
“The War” by Eugene Marshall  199
“Inducted in Amarillo” by Ruben Leal, Jr.  201
“Aviation Cadets in World War II by John C. Winniford  202
“After Pearl Harbor, Wake Island” by Lee Huffhines  202
Judge Robert “Bob” Ellis Day  203
A Military Career; Mayor of Seoul, Korea; Golf With Ike (James Sevier Killough)  206
Elloise Huffines, Military Pilot  209
Fred Frichot and Mary Peterman  211
Electrician’s Mate, Janicek of the Silent Service  212
Girl’s Victory Corps (Mae Riek)  214
Community Section: 
City Yet Country (Continued from “The Street That Never Was” by G. Eugene Marshall  216
Accurate Machine Works  217
Ervay Street Car  220
When Electricity Came to Dallas  221
“Treading the Boards in Dallas” by Frances James  223
The Barrow-Parker Gang in Dallas County  227
North Oak Cliff Baptist Church  227
Herbert M. Greene, Architect  228
Parkland Hospital at Dallas  229
“Nevermore” by Eugene Marshall  230
Neiman Marcus: An Employee’s Story  232
The Cullum Companies  235
Old City Park  236
History of Webb Chapel Cemetery – Dallas County, Texas  237
Coffey’s College: A Dallas Inspired Venture  240
Katy Railroad  242
E. L. Burks Variety Storoes  243
Mesquite Community Fair Photo  246
Developments on the Trinity River  246
The River and Why We Are Here  248
The Potter Art Metal Studio of Dallas  250
Texas’ First Country Club  251
First Christian Church of Rowlett  253
The Flagman of Dallas  256
Oriental Oil Company  257
Bryan’s Smokehouse Barbecue Story  257
Nelson’s Blacksmith and Woodwork Shop  261
Early Local Doctors Doctored Sans MDs  262
White Rock Creek  263
The Bishop Arts Building  266
Revolutionary War Widow Catherine Reed  266
Last Manhattan Project Member  268
Whatever Happened to Pig Stands??  269
Old City Park Print Shop  270
Oak Cliff Christian Church273
Plumbs and Then Plumb Jelly for the Taking  275
“The Street That Never Was” by Eugene Marshall  276
Schultz Lumber Company  278
Spake House Historical Notes  279
Dallas Love Field –  Photos  280
Development of The Farmers Market  282
Hampton Place Baptist Church  282
Early Zahn Family of Dallas  285
Williams Funeral Directors  286
Pleasant Valley Store  287
Smith Co. Real Estate, An Early Dallas Business  289
Dallas’ First Skyscraper and John N. Harris, Jr.  291
Number Please: Seagoville’s First Telephone Office  292
East Dallas Christian Church  293
The Whistling Doctor of Seagoville  296
I Skated in the Century Room with Dot Franey by Mae Riek  296
Greenville Avenue Christian Church  298
Seagoville’s First School  300
An Organist Reminisces  301
The Seago Hotel  303
Braden’s Cake Shop  303
I Graduated Fifty-five Years Later by James Harris  305
In Dallas County 1844-1877 – Elder Amon McCommas  306
The Old Gingerbread House  308
Liberty Grove’s First Gin  314
Rose Hill’s Pioneer Doctor  314
Sons of Hermann  315