Dallas, Texas

La Reunion Community

La Réunion was an early community in Dallas. It was organized as an utopian socialist community in 1855 by French, Belgian and Swiss colonists on the south bank of the Trinity River in central Dallas County, Texas. The former colony site is a short distance north of Interstate 30 near downtown Dallas. The founder of the community, Victor Prosper Considerant, was a French democratic socialist who directed an international movement based on Fourierism, a set of economic, political, and social beliefs advocated by French philosopher François Marie Charles Fourier. Fourierism subsequently became known as a form of utopian socialism. It failed for various reasons and by 1860, the property had generally been absorbed into the growing city of Dallas.

The Community – Why Texas, Why Dallas?

Selected Residents of La Reunion:

George Barbeau

Alexander Barbier

Alexandre Bessard

Henry Boll

Dominique Boulay

Lucien Bourgouis

Joseph Brunet

Allyre Bureau

Francois Jean Cantagrel

Charles Capy

Joseph Noel Charpentier

Francois Coiret

Victor Propser Considerant

Athanase Cretien

George Cretien

Abel Doelly

Pierre Dusseau

Charles Enginard

Charles Fourier

Pierre Philip Frichot

Christophre Desiree Frichot

Heinrich Frick

Pierre Girard

John Goetsels

Antonine Joseph Goffe

August Guillemet

Maxime Guillot

Future research to be done on these individuals:

Paul Henri, Jean Baptiste Lagogue, Benjamin Lang, Jules Lanotte, John B Louckx, Louis Loupot, Jean Loupot, John Loupot, Ferdinand Michel, Jean Monduel, Jacob Nussbaumer, Jean Priot, Emile Remond, Caeserine Santerre, Emanual Santerre, August Savardan.