Dallas, Texas

Exposition Park Presbyterian Church

This congregation took its name from its proximity to Exposition Park, now known as the State Fair of Texas. The land was donated by the Gaston family and facilitated by the Parry family, both of which were early residents of Dallas. The church was organized in late 1890 as a mission church of the Second Presbyterian Church and is believed to have had fourteen charter members. A small wood frame structure was built at the corner of Third and Parry.

In 1912, ground was broken for a larger red brick building and served the congregation until it was destroyed in a fire on February 25, 1924. The church voted to replace it with a tan brick structure that was completed around 1926. The congregation worshipped there for another thirty years. It elected to merge with the six year old Calvary Presbyterian congregation located on Military Parkway upon invitation and the merger took place in 1956 or 1958.

Successive mergers would see Calvary merging with Meneely Memorial. In the early 1950s, Calvary Presbyterian had discussed merging with the Lagow Presbyterian Church, but that was not accomplished. Lagow Presbyterian had been formed in 1878 by the Lagow family and remained a congregation until the 1980s. It operated at various locations over the years and its name was changed around 1955 to Meneely Presbyterian. Meneely Presbyterian voted to merge with Calvary Presbyterian in 1984. The church now known as Eastminster Presbyterian is presently located in the 6500 block of Samuell Boulevard and is the result of that merger, though the roots of this congregation go back much further.

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