Dallas, Texas

Marvin D. Love

Marvin D. Love

Marvin Dan Love (Marvin D. Love Freeway – Highway 67 from the I-35 split to I-20) was a native Texan, born July 16, 1894 in Bell County.  His father died when he was five years old and he lived with his mother for a number of years.  Marvin served in the United States Navy in World War I. By 1920, Love was residing in Dallas where he would live for the rest of his life.  

Love was the manager of the Oak Cliff office of Dallas Power & Light Company at the time of his death in January, 1964. The Oak Cliff office of DP&L was a storefront building on West Jefferson where customers could pay their electric bills and see electric appliances on display. He was regarded as an outstanding civic leader in Oak Cliff and served as a deacon in Cliff Temple Baptist Church.

Love had also served as chairman of the Dallas Chamber of Commerce central highway committee and was also vice-president for streets and highways in the Oak Cliff Chamber of Commerce. In June, 1964 the Dallas County Commissioners Court honored him by naming a section of U. S. Highway 67 “Marvin D. Love Freeway.” The honor was due to Love’s work to improve streets and highways within Dallas County. 

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