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Churches: Timeline for Church of the Incarnation

Churches: Timeline for Church of the Incarnation

Church of the Incarnation, transcribed from its brochure:

1878 – The great missionary bishop Alexander Garrett founds Incarnation as a chapel of St. Matthew’s Cathedral, using money given to him to England and Ireland.

1886 – The chapel becomes a mission of the Diocese of Dallas.

1897 – The Rev. Edwin Wickens, as vicar, nurtures the new mission to parish status.

1890s – Remodeling confers on Incarnation’s tiny home a measure of splendor.

1902 – As growth continues, a graceful new brick church is erected adjacent to the frame one.

1908 – The arrival of the Rev. James T. Lodge, as rector, inaugurates a period of dynamic growth.  The bishop claims Lodge could “smell Episcopalians.”

1920s – The spirit and holiness of Incarnation lure multitudes in the post – World War I years.

1927 – To accommodate continued growth, the parish moves farther north and constructs a new church building – its third.

1950s – The “1927 church” fills up. Communicants reach 2100 in 1956, 2400 in 1960.

1952 – Joyously overcrowded, Incarnation breaks ground for its fourth church building.

1954 – The election of its rector, the Rev. C. Gresham Marmion, as bishop of Kentucky attests to Incarnation’s growing prominence in the Episcopal Church.

1965 – And another groundbreaking… as the Very Rev. James S. Cox, rector, commences the work on the Activities Building and Great Hall.

1965 – The Kitchen Cabinet, Incarnation’s fellowship and Sunday School for men, before its move to more gracious quarters in the new Activities Building.

1970s – Incarnation youth parade their Palm Sunday fashions.

1974 – The Rev. Paul W. Pritchartt, Incarnation’s longest serving rector, enhances the parish’s fame for reverent worship and faithful service.

1980s – Incarnation’s “Senior Saints” whoop it up.  The parish ministers to all ages.

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