Dallas, Texas

Horton and Crestview Cemeteries

Horton and Crestview Cemeteries

by Kathy Ann Reid –

Interest is stirring in another two of the cemeteries that were on the DCPA Spring 2018
Endangered List! Years ago Frances James (deceased) and a Horton descendant, Susanna Clark, worked on the cemeteries together. Susanna continues her interest, and a local descendant has enlisted with enthusiasm and energy.

At this time the exact boundaries of the abutting Horton Cemetery and Crestview Cemetery are unknown. Susanna Clark was contacted and consulted. An archaeologist is working on identifying gravesites which might be outside the fenced area. A local descendant contacted DCPA with news of the opportunity to go to the cemeteries, and I had the privilege of going to the location to meet some descendants and the archaeologist.
The deteriorating wooden sign on the entry gate was visible from a clearing. I was invited to join the archaeologist on the cemetery grounds. The privet hedge was like thousands of small trees and was so dense that (after a determined attempt) I declined. An aerial photo indicates that the growth covers the whole area. A descendant took pictures and posted them on the DCPA Facebook page. Her family plans to have the brush cleaned up to allow physical access to the cemeteries and to make plans for further cleaning and maintenance.
Horton Cemetery and Crestview Cemetery are on land owned by TXI Operations, LP. The general location is north of W. Davis St., south of I-30 and east of 1530 N. Walton Walker Blvd. The easiest access (after permission from the owner) is through Town View Mobile Home Park on N. Bagley St.

Some years ago, a historical marker was dedicated at 1500 S. Walton Walker Blvd. The story went that the marker was removed by a man so he could protect it, but now the marker is lost.

If you have information, we will appreciate hearing it.

A big THANK YOU to TXI Operations, LP for being historically minded and acknowledging the cemeteries. We can see that these cemeteries could have been easily forgotten if not acknowledged by the owner. I plan to follow up by reading the 1998 deed to find out if the cemeteries are mentioned and will report on that.