Dallas, Texas

First Baptist Church of Dallas

First Baptist Church of Dallas

First Baptist Church of Dallas 1867-2007 (Used with permission)

When Col. W. L. and Lucinda William moved to Dallas in1867 to set up his law practice, they wanted to worship at a Baptist church.  Two little Baptists churches had already failed and a third one, Pleasant View Baptist, moved to the “suburbs,” or rather a small farming community nearby.  It is still in existence today near White Rock Lake.

When summer came, W. L. invited W. W. Harris, a tall, slender Baptist evangelist of age 32, to lead revival services in the Masonic Lodge building. Harris was an eccentric, life-long bachelor who thought little of his appearance and had little regard for money.  His passion was in preaching, which he did with eloquence and vivid descriptions that deeply touched the listener’s heart and soul.  He began each sermon with a song and could hold the audience’s attention for well over an hour.  He was so effective in his sermon delivery, his classmates at Baylor nicknamed him “Spurgeon” after the great Charles H. Spurgeon from London.

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